3 Must Have Features Of A No Stack Pallet Cone

If you work in an industry where you regularly stack pallets, there are times when you need to protect your load. In other words, you may not want anything additional stacked on top of your pallet.

Whereas in some cases you can stack pallets, there are situations where stacking may cause damage to the product beneath. No-stack cones can prevent such instances, but there are three features you should look for before making a purchase.

Easy to See Design

Make sure you pay close attention to the design of the cone. It should provide easy visibility. That means that other workers in your shop or area should be able to see the cone from a distance so they know not to stack any additional product on top of the pallet.

Cones that provide the best visibility will have bright coloring and clear, readable text. The best colors for visibility are often bright red or yellow. Make sure the text on the cone is large enough that it can be seen and read. Large, bold, black lettering often works well.

Durable Enough for Multiple Uses

When you purchase no stack pallet cones, you may want to use them more than once. If a cone is not made well, it may break after its first use. The goal is to purchase cones that are durably made.

They should be lightweight enough that they do not add too much strain to the pallet load they are protecting. However, they should be strong enough that you can use them multiple times. Many cones are made from cardboard. When you make your purchase, make sure you choose cones made from reinforced cardboard for added durability.

Effective Design for Placement

A well-designed cone is one that you can secure in place and not worry about it. If the cone is not made well, it could fall off the top of the pallet, which could lead to disaster. If the cone falls off, a co-worker may not know to avoid stacking additional pallets on top of yours.

Look for a cone that has flat bottom edges. A flat bottom will sit securely on top of a pallet. You should also look for cones that you can easily strap down to your pallet. Some cones come wide, flat edges on the bottom so you can tape them to the pallet whereas others have holes so you can use straps to hold them in place.

Purchasing the correct cones with all the features mentioned will help secure and protect your product. For additional information or help purchasing the cones you need, be sure to contact an expert.

For more information on a do-not-stack pallet cone, contact a company near you.