How Contracting With A Courier Service Could Grow Your Printing Shop

With the spread of the biggest international shipping companies and the proliferation of websites offering printing services for business cards and flyers, running a local printing shop is harder than ever. If you're trying to keep your business relevant to your customers, so they choose you over one of the hundreds of local and global competitors offering enticing deals, you need to improve what you're offering. Find out how partnering with a courier service to contract for delivery services on select orders can improve your printing shop's business.

Offering Same Day and Next Day Delivery

Many clients and customers forget to order their banners until the day before a convention or want their new promotion reflected on their business cards by tomorrow. Advertising yourself as a provider of last minute and fast turnaround printing services can differentiate your printing shop from the competition. This is especially true for companies targeting local customers and businesses since you can emphasize reliable same day turnaround is only possible when you're working with someone within the same time zone.

Picking Up Materials and Proofs

Many steps can require delivery in the process of designing a new flyer, brochure, or sales banner for a retail store. If you and your clients need to exchange multiple rounds of proofs and designs for approval before the printing can take place, consider using a courier service to speed up the exchange of documents. Include the cost of the courier's pickup and drop off in your quote for the service if the client is busy and unable to stop by your shop for meetings face to face. It's also far easier to get a response to documents and designs delivered by hand rather than just sent by email or fax.

Eliminating In-House Delivery Services

When you're growing your printing business and trying to compete with the big names in the industry, it can be tempting to start your own local delivery route to ensure same day and next day delivery. However, hiring your own delivery driver is far more complex than you might think. Thanks to numerous tax regulations, driving record requirements, pay and hourly laws that vary by state, and much more, you'll have a lot of extra work to do just to add a new employee to your company. Compare this to the cost of a flexible contract with an established courier service, along with the savings by eliminating the need to buy a delivery vehicle, to determine which route to take for your printing business.

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