Three Myths Related To Freight Brokers And The Truths Surrounding Those Myths

If your business is looking to reduce the cost of shipping products from one location to another, you may be thinking about using a freight broker. A freight broker is a middle man between trucking companies that have space to ship or transport items and businesses like yourself that need to move product. The broker finds companies that have space on their truck and businesses that need to ship their items and arranges the transporting process. Unfortunately though, there are many myths out there related to freight brokerage companies. If you are on the fence about using a freight brokerage company, learning about the truth surrounding these myths can help you decide whether to use one. Here are three common myths about freight brokers and the truth related to these myths. 

Shipping With a Freight Broker is Unreliable

One of the biggest myths surrounding freight brokers is that shipping with one of these brokers is unreliable. When you use a broker, you may need to be flexible with your dates for pick-up and drop-off services. This is because the broker puts you in touch with a trucking company that has free space on their truck and is traveling the same route that your business and delivery destination is on. Since your pick-up and drop-off cannot be scheduled for specific dates, some people view this as being unreliable. However, as long as you are flexible, this may be a good option for you. 

Your Items Are Uninsured When Shipped With a Freight Broker

Another common myth is that your items are uninsured when they are shipped with a freight broker. This is not the case. The freight broker is not responsible for carrying insurance or insuring your items during transport. But the trucker or shipping company is. Additionally, you can purchase your own insurance policy to ensure your items are protected for their full value when they are being transported. 

There is No Value to Using a Freight Broker

The last myth in regards to freight brokerage firms is that there is no value to using a freight broker. Many people think that they can find a trucking company to ship their goods for the same price, if not less, than a broker. While you may be able to, you have to spend a lot of time looking for these companies, vetting trucking companies and comparing prices. A broker does all of this for you, helping to free up more of your time. If time is valuable to you, then a broker is valuable to you. 

There are many myths out there about freight brokers and shipping your goods with a company a broker connects you with. Unfortunately, these myths may deter you from using one of these companies. Learning the truth about these myths can help you decide whether you should work with a freight broker the next time you have goods that need to be transported.