What Your Mover Will Not Move For You & What To Do About It

If you are moving, and plan on using a moving company to help you transition from your old home to your new home, you need to be aware of the limitations of a moving company. There are some items that moving companies generally will not move for you and that you will have to make alternative transportation for these items.

Moving Company Restrictions

Although moving companies can move most items in your home, there are some items that most moving companies will not move for you. Moving companies, primarily due to safety and insurance reasons, do not move any materials that are flammable, explosive or corrosive. 

Hazardous Materials 

You may not think at first that you have any hazardous materials; however, many common household items actually fall into the categories listed above.

In your bathroom, anything inside an aerosol container, such as body spray, hair spray or deodorant would fall into the restricted category, as would nail polish. Most agents in your cleaning cabinet would also be restricted items.

In your garage, there are numerous items that your movers can't touch, including: car batteries, gasoline, paint, paint thinner, and fireworks. 

Additionally, ammunition and weapons are also considered hazardous material. 

Perishable Materials

Moving companies will not move any materials that are perishable. If the move is across town, this may be negotiable. However, on long moves, this is defiantly not negotiable. 

That means you are going to need to transport all perishable food from your fridge or freezer on your own. 

Perishable items also include plants and animals. If you have house plants, you'll need to transport them to your new home on your own. You'll also need to transport your animals on your own as well. 

What To Do About These Restrictions

Most of the items listed above can be transported inside of your own vehicle to your new home. If you don't have a vehicle, you can rent a truck, van or sports utility vehicle to transport these items. Be sure to make arrangements for these items before your moving day. 

For hazardous materials, make sure that you put them inside of boxes so that these materials cannot rattle around when you are moving them. If they do not fit securely inside of the boxes, put packing nuts and other materials around them to keep them secure.

For transporting plants, try to pack them so that they are all upright. You may want to use strings or bungee cords to keep the plants upright. If that is not possible, see if someone can ride along with you and keep the plants upright. 

If you have a pet carrier, use that to transport your pet to your new home. If you don't have a pet carrier or a vehicle, see if any of the pet boarding or daycare business or even if animal control can transport your pet to your new home.

Take the time to arrange and plan for alternative transportation of the items listed above. Although your moving company can move most things to your new home, they cannot move everything. Contact local movers, like Movers 201 Inc, for more help.