How To Plan A Great Mother's Day From Miles Away

Remember the years when you lived at home and you could make Mother's Day special from the very beginning of the day? If you now live in a different city than your mother, you can still make this Mother's Day a wonderful one. From flowers delivery to the perfect gift, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable Mother's Day.

Breakfast From Afar - Let your mother know ahead of time that her breakfast will be delivered to her house the afternoon before Mother's Day. Order custom made muffins, chocolate covered strawberries and an arrangement of edible fruit. At the same time, arrange for a pretty flower arrangement to be delivered on Saturday, too. Starting Mother's Day festivities early will just remind your mother that, though you're far away, you've planned early to make Mother's Day a special event.

The Phone Call - Of course, the sound of your voice will be music to your mother's ears. However, give this phone call a different twist by actually starting the call with music. Select a song that you know she loves or that sends a special message. Some to consider are You've Got A Friend In Me, Somewhere Over The Rainbow and The Wind Beneath My Wings. If you have a pretty good idea when you're mom will be eating her special breakfast, call her during that time. By now she'll already be on cloud nine and your call will just be the frosting on the cake.

The Mother's Day Gift - This might be the hardest part of all. How do you pick a gift for somebody who has given you all the love and security in the world? Select something that she would never buy herself. Is she a collector? For example, would she love an addition to her teacup collection? Does she love antiques? If so, consider a delicate figurine. Is Christmas really her favorite holiday? If so, imagine her surprise at receiving a unique ornament for the Christmas tree.

The Right Delivery - After you've given Mother's Day so much attention, it would be a shame to have your gift arrive late or even damaged. A really good idea is to pay for custom packaging. Whether you've selected a fragile figurine, the Christmas ornament or anything else, by having the gift packaged professionally, you can make sure that it will arrive safely. If the gift is large, like a print or a painting, it will be crated in such a way that damage will not occur. If the gift is a breakable item, it will be protected by a material like bubble wrap, and then it will still be nestled in plenty of packing paper or another protective material. The same place that packages your gift will also be able to deliver it in time for your mother to get it for her special day. Contact a business, such as the Packaging Center Inc, for more information. 

Don't forget to write a letter of love and appreciation on this special Mother's Day.